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My Story…

On September 27th 2001, our son Aizad was coming home from school and hit by a car in front of our house. He went through a long list of severe injuries and a bleak chance of survival, At one point his heart stopped and he went into cardiac arrest for 10 minutes due to heavy blood loss. 

We stayed at the children Hospital for 3+ months And after 20 plus surgeries and more than 150 units of blood, Aizad came out of the hospital walking with his parents.

It wasa true miracle but it happened due to the mere mercy of Allah, everyone prayers and amazing support, care and professional treatment at the Children's Hospital and uninterrupted supply of blood products by Canadian blood services. 

We cannot thank enough to Canadian blood services for providing the most important and life-saving product to our son which is called blood. 

It was a roller coaster ride everyday at the ICU, we were not sure if Aizad would survive due to his severe injuries, however, the only thing we were sure about  that we had no issue of getting the required amount of blood and other blood related products due to Canadian blood services. 

It is a true miracle that Aizad is walking today as a normal kid, He still needs more surgeries and probably require more blood products during his surgeries but we never have any doubt about getting that. People work at CBS are the true heroes and we cannot thank enough for what they do everyday to save people's life like our son Aizad.

 Please show your support by coming to these events, donate blood or raise funds to create awareness and play your part in saving people's life.. It's really in you to give !!

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Aug 30 Saher Sherwani We can never thank enough to the Canadian blood services for what they have done to save our son Aizad's life. IT'S IN YOU TO GIVE ! CA$27.60
Aug 30 Saher Sherwani Thanks CBS ! CA$27.60
Aug 30 Saher Sherwani Thanks CBS ! CA$27.60
Aug 30 Saher Sherwani Thanks CBS ! CA$27.60